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The Rollgliss Remote Rescue Kit

Being protected against falls from height is a good thing, but having a rescue method that is simple, fast and practical is even better!

Universal solution for the rescue of a worker remaining suspended after a fall.

Simple: you do not have to be rescue specialist to use it.

Fast: on average, a rescue takes 6 minutes.

Practical: everything is contained in a backpack with total weight of 8kg.

Flexible: the kit is available in different versions with varying rope lengths of 10, 20 and 30m.

Model: AG62501010 Travel Length: 10m Lifeline Type: 10.5mm rope.

Model: AG62501020 Travel Length: 20m Lifeline Type: 10.5mm rope.

Model: AG62501030 Travel Length: 30m Lifeline Type: 10.5mm rope.

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