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Vertical Systems

Sala Ladsaf Vertical System Sala Ladsaf Vertical System
Cable ladder safety system. Designed for installation on fixed ladders or ladder-like climbing surfaces that are part of a structure. Examples include towers, w...
Sala Railok Vertical System Sala Railok Vertical System
Railok: Versatile easy to install rigid rail and trolley system designed to prevent falls from fixed ladders or structures. Suitable for a wide variety of appli...
Protecta Cabloc Vertical System Protecta Cabloc Vertical System
The Cabloc system is designed to provide safe access to tower heads, poles, chimneys etc.. The Cabloc system protects the user without any hindrance by sliding...
Product Code: AC350/4
Cabloc Device with shock absorber with 15kn Karabiner, 18mm opening...
97.43  (116.92 inc. VAT)