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Safety Anchors

Paterson Raftagrab T/R Paterson Raftagrab T/R
Designed specifically for use on concrete tiled roofs, the Paterson Raftagrab T/R slope anchor provides a discreet aesthetically pleasing solution to accessing ...
£68  (£81.60 inc. VAT)
Paterson Loftanka Paterson Loftanka
Paterson Loftanka:
Developed for use in situations where access to the roof is gained through a skylight or velux type exit hatch. The Loftanka enables the ...
£58  (£69.60 inc. VAT)
Manuclave Anchorage System AM201 Manuclave Anchorage System AM201
Product Code: AM201
Material treated steel
Use vertical or horizontal
strength > 20 kN
hole diameter: 20 to 22 mm
inner eye diameter: 35 m...
£85.77  (£102.92 inc. VAT)
DBI-SALA® Counterweight Anchor
Non penetrating anchor point for performing work on flat roofs or other structures. Does not attach to the working surface, re...
£1,419.12  (£1,702.94 inc. VAT)
Vacuum Anchor System Vacuum Anchor System
So much versatility, so little effort. With the DBI-Sala self-contained Vacuum Anchor System at your workers side, they can anchor to virtually any smooth, non...
Protecta Fixed Anchorage Plate AM210 Protecta Fixed Anchorage Plate AM210
* permanent anchorage point on structure
* minimum structure strength: 10 KN
* material stainless steel, thickness : 3,5 mm
* attachment by bolts 12...
£3.85  (£4.62 inc. VAT)
Protecta Anchoring Ring AM211 Protecta Anchoring Ring AM211
* stainless steel
* size 56 x 40 x 50mm
* minimum structural strength : 10 kN
* pulling away strength > 10 kN
* shearing strength > 10 kN ...
£14.49  (£17.39 inc. VAT)
Paterson Ridgeanka Paterson Ridgeanka
Whether fitted at constuction stage or retro fitted prior to carrying out repairs, the Paterson Ridgeanka is the versatile, cost effective solution to roof safe...
This lightweight and non-penetrating anchor only weighs 6.4kg.
Its adjustable design allows it to be installed in seconds between door or window openings. $...
£297.27  (£356.72 inc. VAT)
The Paterson Purlinanka provides an ideal solution to the problem of locating an anchorage point where the make-up of the roof is steel sheets fixed to steel pu...
Paterson Raftagrab Anka Paterson Raftagrab Anka
Designed primarily for use on slate roofs, The Paterson Raftagrab Slope Anka provides a discreet, aesthetically pleasing solution to accessing pitched roofs. $!...
£68  (£81.60 inc. VAT)
Paterson Roofanka Paterson Roofanka
Designed for mounting to the slope of pitched roofs, the Paterson CE Approved Roofanka features a unique Patented weatherseal, and Patented Adjustable Pedestal ...
Steel Beam Anchors Sliding Steel Beam Anchors Sliding
Sliding beam anchor for beam flanges 8.9cm to 35.5cm
Product Code: KM22104700
Wt kg 2.00...
£196.02  (£235.22 inc. VAT)
Steel Beam Anchors Fixed Steel Beam Anchors Fixed
Fixed beam anchor for beam sizes as below
Product Code: 2108412 beam size 6.35cm to 30.48cm & steel thickness of 3.81cm
Product Code: 2108413 beam s...
Concrete D - Ring Anchor Concrete D - Ring Anchor
A simple, versatile and safe concrete anchor solution!
Finally, a concrete anchor that will hold - up to its environment, for use in temporary or even perman...
Concrete Wedge Anchor Concrete Wedge Anchor
Product Code: 2100100
Provides a safe, fall arrest rated 22kn anchor point for vertical concrete applications.
Portable and reusable anchor can be remove...
£99.84  (£119.81 inc. VAT)
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