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Our Products

Our products can be installed to new and existing structures alike with little or no disruption to your daily activities.
We offer a broad spectrum of products that ensure all your workers when operating at height in any conditions.

It is important that the equipment is used correctly and the right equipment is used for the right application to guarantee your safety. PSA run a number of training courses on choosing and using safety equipment, or simply contact us directly with your queries

Safety Anchors
Roof Anchors provide rooftop fall protection. Paterson Safety Anchors offer a range of their permanent anchorage points which are fixed to the structure of a building to provide a safe, secure place to attach work ropes, fall arrest equipment (harnesses, work/lifelines, retractable reels, etc) and other access devices to protect personnel who would otherwise be at risk of a fall from height.

All PSA permanent roof anchors provide multiple-use applications, including new roof or shingle installation, gutter cleaning, window, skylight and chimney cleaning or repair, and general roof maintenance.

Harnesses & Belts

As the link between the user and the safety system, the harness is a fundamental component of many methods of work at height, linking the user to the safety system. Your harness should offer comfort and freedom of movement, as well as good safety characteristics. Various types of harness are available and must be chosen according to the task to be performed.

Available as horizontal and vertical, lifelines are attached directly to the structure allowing workers to operate safely at height, providing free movement and fall arrest security. Systems can also be used as restraints to ensure the safety of workers on narrow walkways. Lifelines provide integrated secure safety systems for multiple workers, operating at height.
Rope, Webbing, Slings & Strops
The ropes used for climbing are divided into two classes: dynamic ropes and static ropes. Dynamic ropes have a certain amount of elasticity and are usually used as belay ropes. The elasticity reduces the maximum force experienced by both a climber and their equipment should they fall. Static ropes are not elastic, and are usually used for carrying or attaching equipment.

Webbing is flat rope and is a versatile component of climbing equipment. Webbing is usually tied or sewn into a loop and is then known as a runner or sling.

Descenders & Ascenders
A descender is used for controlled descent on a rope, while ascenders are mechanical devices for ascending on a rope.
Fall Arrest Blocks
For people working alone a fall arrest block provides the security that any errors won't cause death. Providing ease of movement with optimum safety, they area available in lengths ad loadings to suit.

Helmets & Lighting
An often disregarded item of safety equipment that has saved many workers. Specialist helmets for industrial climbers and rope access, with ear protection, masks and industrial helmets compatible with other PPE for more general work at height.

Connectors & Lanyards
Connectors often called karabiners are available in a number of different metals and in various forms, the shape and gate depending on the exact use intended. Lanyards provide safety connection short enough for fall arrest, while long enough to provide freedom of movement.

Rescue Kits
In case anything goes wrong, there are a variety of rescue kits to help save the injured worker in the safest method possible, compounding any injuries.

Accessories & Bags
For all those other items that are needed to store, protect and maintain your equipment.